Worship and the Word  Weekly service

Every Saturday except 5th Sat. (unless announced) @ our temporary location, 1330 Delery, Street, N.O. La. 70117

Life Application Church School @ 10:00 AM

Worship and the Word Service @ 11:00 AM

1st Saturdays: Word of Truth School of Ministry and Biblical Training- 12:30- 2:30 PM (immediately following worship)


“Touch One” Music Ministry

A Ministry of Music and Music production that is established to  educated  and train the music staff to become skillful and knowledgeable in the   art of worship, praise  and sacred  reverence  in service unto the Lord  through music and the arts.

Word of Truth School of Biblical Study and Ministry Training

Word of truth School is for  those who have accepted the call of  God upon  their lives for ministry. Ministers in training (M.I.T.’s)  are taught  biblical principals regarding salvation, redemption, sanctification,  Christian living,  five –fold ministry and  knowledge and operations of spiritual gifts.. Hands on  practicalities  of service  agenda, ordinances  and public speaking.   Upon completion  of the  school of Ministry  and  after considerable observation, students are  then positioned to become  licensed and ordained to the ministry  where in they have been  called. Students  are expected to go forth and perform the  duty of that ministry.

Prayers of Faith Intercessory Ministry— Thursday Mornings 10.00 am

A Ministry established and to promote and educate in the importance of prayer  with faith.  It encourages all individuals and ministers to maintain a devoted  prayer life with consistency and teaches  the   power of individual  and unified prayer with fasting.

P.O.R.C.H. Talk

( Project Outreach to Children s Hearts) 

Where as we believe that our children are the future generations  who will continue to show forth  the praises of  He who has called us out of darkness into his marvelous light. It is our desire to teach them biblical  principals and  positive human morals  with resources and references that will engage to  charter a course for positivity and change.   P.O.R.C.H. Talk is establish to mold productivity, confidence ,and wholeness   while encouraging our youth to be the best they can be according to their several abilities.

Our Daily  Bread

Feeding the destitute  and less fortunate (Every 2nd Tuesday)

Our Daily Bread is a service organization established to feed, clothe, and assist those who are homeless, low income (Sr. Citizens, Disabled, etc..) with the basic necessities of life.

With  “YOU” in Mind

(Christian Counseling  service)

A Christian counseling service that administers to those who are bruised, brokenhearted, troubled marriages and family crisis.


(Born Free Alternative Transition )

From Incarceration to Divine Transformation a pre/post transitional services  for the incarcerated to assist in case management for re-entry into society, Christian counseling, Family reconciliation and restoration, job training and/academic educational referral ,etc.